Houston Property Division Attorney

Some Houston property division lawyers are primarily effective as facilitators, focusing on compromise and give-and-take to reach an amicable settlement. Tiffany Eklins is skilled in negotiation and mediation, but also an accomplished trial lawyer who wants to see each client emerge from a case feeling well-served and prepared for the future, whatever that requires.

If you have reason to believe property valuation and division may be disputed issues in your divorce, contact us today. We will listen intently to your concerns, move quickly to assess the situation, and take action to prepare for possible litigation.

Marital Fraud Protection

If you have an ownership interest in a business or professional practice, valuation of this property may be critical to your overall financial outcome. Our firm has longstanding connections to forensic accounts and other financial experts we can rely on to:

  • Decipher business records and accurately establish assets, debts, ongoing profitability and future prospects for any type of business
  • Locate hidden or undisclosed assets, whether integral to the business or other marital property your divorcing spouse is illegally trying to shield
  • Help “untangle” marital/community assets from separate property and document your rights to what is yours
  • Securing Temporary Orders that Protect Your Valuable Interests

Property Division Lawyers in Houston

Attorney Burwell is very familiar with the courts and officials in the Harris-Montgomery County area — enabling us to move with maximum speed to get temporary orders set on issues in your Texas divorce. While we investigate and prepare your case, you may be able to benefit from court orders covering:

  • Temporary child custody, child support and spousal support
  • Possession of the marital home and automobiles
  • Payment of bills and debts while the case is in process
  • Prevention of your spouse from liquidating bank accounts, 401(k) plans, other investments — or selling or moving other marital assets

All assets must be disclosed in property litigation in Houston, but the skill and integrity of your attorney can impact how property valuations and other information you present are viewed by a judge.

Division of Property Can be Simple

You can turn to us for a thorough, strategic approach and execution of your plan for coming out of divorce with all the assets that are rightfully yours. Our property division lawyers in Houston are responsive and accessible to our clients, offering evening and Saturday appointments as necessary and accepting credit card payments.

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