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Are you in the midst of a deep family struggle? Maybe you’re fighting to get out of a bad marriage, or facing unfair child custody arrangements. Whatever the battle is, if your case deals with family issues, our houston family law lawyers here to help.

Here at Edward C. Burwell Family Law, we are known for our aggressive approach to negotiation. As a result, you can expect your case to be settled as quickly and as painlessly as possible. We’ll take every measure available to obtain a fair outcome in a timely manner.

How do we do it? Well we start by listening to your needs. You’re our number one priority and our goal is to make you happy. Next, we devise a plan that is logical for your particular situation. We help align your expectations with what’s fair and reasonable and then go to war for you. Think of us as your personal researchers, advisors, bodyguards, and warriors—all rolled into one neat package.

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What you need in a Family Law Lawyer in Houston

First of all, you need someone with many years of service in the field of family law. Why? Simply put, they’ll know what to expect. Having negotiated and fought for hundreds of cases just like yours, nothing can take us by surprise. We’ve seen every trick under the sun– and we’re ready for them.

You also need someone who is out for your best interests. With so many people looking to make a quick buck, we understand that you need a lawyer you can trust. Someone who will put your needs first. And if your case involves children, you need their rights protected above all others.

Finally, you need a lawyer schooled in all aspects of family law in Houston. That includes:

  • divorce
  • child custody
  • child support
  • grandparents’ rights
  • and more

When you contact us, you get an entire team of legal professionals who can help you in every phase of family law in Houston.

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Burwell Family Law is here to care for your needs in the counties of:

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