Frozen Embryos & In Vitro Fertilization Dispute Attorney in Houston

Prepared for In Vitro Fertilization, But Now Facing Divorce?

Quantum advances in medical technology in recent decades have forced change in nearly every aspect of society. Family law — at the state and even the federal level — is no exception. It has become relatively common for professional couples and others who want to help ensure they can have children when they are ready to pursue in vitro fertilization.

Are frozen embryos a potential source of dispute in your Harris County or other Houston area divorce? This is a cutting-edge, evolving area of the law and you will need a sharp, hardworking frozen embryo lawyer in Houston like Edward C. Burwell on your side. For a consultation on this and all other important issues in your divorce, please contact our office in Houston, Texas, today.

Frozen Embryo Lawyer in Houston

Family courts have long had to deal with disputes over valuable property of all types, but the issue of who decides what happens to frozen embryos has added a new dimension to the term “complex asset.” Your case may cross many lines involving Texas property ownership and distribution, paternity, and mothers’ and fathers’ rights.

We will examine existing and evolving case law in order to provide informed guidance and assertive representation, whether you are a man or woman seeking:

  • Destruction of the frozen embryos to avoid future disputes or obligations
  • Preservation of the frozen embryos and control over any decision to use them for in vitro fertilization in the future
  • Inclusion of stipulations addressing in vitro fertilization in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement — or careful interpretation of an existing agreement
  • You can count on attorney Burwell for sensitivity to the personal, emotional and financial challenges you face. The fertilized eggs you chose to store may represent a dream you are reluctant to sacrifice or a plan for in vitro fertilization that you now feel must be abandoned. In either case, we will fight to assert and protect your rights, using all our skills and available resources.

A Complex Issue and Dispute Calls for a Sensitive, Resourceful Attorney

Thus far, the few complex divorce cases involving frozen embryos have not all been pursued by experienced Houston frozen embryo attorney. For quality, comprehensive divorce counsel and proven courtroom capabilities that may be essential if your dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, request a consultation with Edward C. Burwell today.

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