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Some states grant very few formal rights to grandparents — even when those grandparents essentially or entirely raise children for a period of months or years. Texas law does grant very specific grandparents’ rights under a range of circumstances. If you are currently engaged in a family dispute and concerned about the well-being of your grandchildren, please contact us for caring grandparent’s rights lawyers in Houston.

Our Lawyers Approach to Protecting Your Rights

Our Houston area law firm, practicing primarily in Harris County, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties, has built a strong reputation for handling complex family law cases with aggressiveness, skill and integrity. We have the knowledge and sensitivity to help you deal effectively with a situation such as:

  • Your position as a grandparent who has cared for children over a period of time while their natural parent or parents were unable or unwilling to do so — only to have a parent reappear and want to take over

  • Your desire either to obtain custody of your grandchildren — most often due to serious concerns about the parents’ capacity to care for them due to drug problems, mental illness or criminal behavior
  • Your willingness to have children return to a biological parent, provided you have legal rights to visitation and continued involvement in your grandchildren’s lives
  • Your need to formalize legal custody or establish guardianship in order to secure insurance, benefit from some level of child support, or otherwise take care of your grandchildren’s basic needs
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Grandparents’ rights cases in Houston can be complex, and costly, time-consuming litigation is sometimes required. Our Houston grandparents rights attorney Edward C. Burwell is a conscientious, experienced trial lawyer with the ability to follow through and pursue all angles to protect your interests.

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If you are living with the stress of wondering what will happen to your beloved grandchildren — or facing a challenge you feel is fundamentally counter to their best interests, we urge you to contact us today.

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