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Edward C. Burwell’s background as a Houston marital fraud litigation attorney, together with our ready access to specialized investigative resources and accounting experts, make finding hidden assets and exposing marital fraud a clear strength of our firm.

Some people may be deceptive about their earnings and savings throughout a marriage, and others may try to prepare for divorce by transferring or moving assets that are subject to equitable division under Texas law. Protection of your rightful property and financial future are top priorities for us. Call 713.893.3018 now or send us e-mail for a prompt response.

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We are extremely aggressive in using all resources & available rules of civil procedure to get an accurate and complete picture of all property and assets before they can be hidden. One of the first actions we take after you hire Tiffany Burwell as your lawyer is to request all relevant financial records from your divorcing spouse. Where possible and necessary, we pursue:

Temporary restraining orders in Houston — enforceable through penalties that include jail — that can freeze spending, prevent waste of community property, and avoid the need to track hidden assets later on

Thorough investigation by forensic accountants and other financial experts to audit business records, develop independent business valuations, and determine whether assets have been liquidated or hidden unlawfully

Expert Marital Fraud Lawyers in Houston Expose Financial Wrongdoing

On personal family law matters — such as suspected bad conduct that could impact child custody or some other aspect of your divorce outcome — attorney Burwell directly handles investigation and interviewing of witnesses. On complex financial matters, however, turning over every stone and every pebble can require specialized knowledge, and we turn to the best resources on your behalf.

No matter how clever or deceptive someone is in attempting to move or hide valuable assets, they leave some form of electronic footprints and/or paper trail. We are dedicated to bringing all facts into view and doing everything possible to maximize your share of a fair property settlement.

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If you are facing a divorce with a family business, valuable assets and high net worth at stake, choosing a tenacious attorney with relevant skills can be critical. Please contact our marital fraud lawyer today to discuss your case and your needs.

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