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Under the Texas Family Code, if a married woman gives birth to a child, her current husband is presumed to be the father. When handling divorce litigation, our Houston paternity lawyer has encountered situations involving suspected or established extramarital affairs, in which it was necessary for the father to initiate DNA testing to establish or disprove paternity.

More commonly, an unmarried woman initiates a paternity action in order to establish the father’s responsibility for child support. If you are a father wishing to challenge that paternity action, you must do so quickly if you hope to avoid the possibility of a large back-due child support obligation. You can contact us for dependable legal information and help from an attorney experienced in dealing with both of these challenging situations.

Attorneys Representing Mothers and Fathers who Want the Truth Established

Our primary emphasis at the Law Office of Edward C. Burwell, P.C., is on getting to the truth and promoting stable, intact family units whenever possible. We encourage our clients to seek answers — but also to carefully factor in what is best for the child. You can depend on our sensitivity and honesty in dealing with any paternity case, including:

  • Guiding you through the process for getting DNA testing and resolving paternity
  • Helping you aggressively pursue your child’s right to support from his or her biological father
  • Providing counsel and representation for a prospective father who wants to exercise his fathers’ rights to contribute support and enjoy involvement with his child
  • Sincere, Determined Effort to Help You Resolve Issues and Plan for the Future

Paternity Lawyers in Houston Defending You

Life is full of surprises — both pleasant and unpleasant. If we may be able to help you achieve truth and closure, or protect you against an unmanageable financial burden down the road — you can count on the efforts of our paternity lawyers in Houston to understand your goals and take the best available legal action.

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