Do You Want to Draft a Prenuptial Agreement or Challenge One?

Experienced, hardworking lawyer Edward C. Burwell has substantial experience with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in Houston, and our firm is well prepared to help you make sound decisions on issues that arise around these often complex documents.

Your Resource for Developing, Defending or Contesting a Marital Agreement in Houston

We have the knowledge and track record to assist you by:

  • Drafting a legally sound, comprehensive prenuptial agreement acceptable to both you and your fiancée — exercising patience, sensitivity, and attention to detail throughout this process
  • Exploring and following through on what can be accomplished with a postnuptial agreement
  • Challenging the validity of either a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement — many of which are flawed or unclear — as part of representing you in divorce or complex property litigation
  • Defending a marital agreement that is being challenged by the opposing party and opposing counsel in your divorce
  • Specific, Customized Marital Agreements for Your Specific Needs

We do not offer generic, formulaic or “push-button” prenuptial agreements. Whichever of many very valid reasons for entering into such an agreement pertain to you, attorney Burwell believes in developing the best-written, most specific and comprehensive contract for that purpose. This can only be done by getting to know you personally and fully understanding your concerns and goals — a hallmark of all we do at our law office based in Harris County, Texas.

In addition to drafting legally sound documents, we support that effort with preservation of evidence about your assets — an essential step should the agreement ever be challenged. Mr. Burwell has dealt with complex contracts throughout her entire legal practice — learning how to build them, defend them and challenge them according to circumstances and client needs.

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Whether you need to protect the futures of children from a prior marriage, simply want terms for property division clearly documented, or have unique needs calling for customized solutions, we encourage you to contact our dedicated family law firm today.

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