A Strong, Effective Approach in Cases of Texas Family Violence

Family violence is a common factor in Houston area divorce cases, and — even aside from the horrific human consequences when it occurs — any allegation or petition for a protective order must be taken very seriously.

If you or your children are being victimized by family violence, including molestation, please contact us now for caring guidance on your legal options and measures necessary for your safety. Our firm, led by proven lawyer Edward C. Burwell, is also a proven resource for defending your interests if you are a victim of false or exaggerated allegations.

Protective Orders for Your Family and Working to Obtain Justice

Some important general considerations about domestic violence and protective orders in Houston are:

  • In Harris County and other area courts, proof of family violence commonly ends custody challenges, with the victim becoming the sole managing conservator (SMC) for children . We have the resources to investigate circumstances, build your case, and take every available legal action on your behalf.
  • Issuance of any type of protective order against you can be very challenging to overcome in custody litigation — making it essential to do everything you can to avoid one in the first place, or get quality representation to contest it in your hearing.
  • Some Houston protective orders are handled in and issued by family courts, and others by criminal courts. You may need an attorney — such as Mr. Burwell — who is comfortable appearing in either.
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It is an unfortunate reality that false allegations of domestic violence are often used as leverage, in the effort to get what a person wants in a divorce or other family law dispute. “He said; she said” cases are notoriously difficult to unravel, but we have the investigative skills to distinguish valid from unjust claims.

Our integrity in the courts of our area is invaluable: we will work tenaciously to pursue your interests, but in order to do that well, we need to know the facts and believe in your case. To discuss your situation directly with attorney Edward C. Burwell, please contact our office in Houston today.

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